giovedì 21 agosto 2014

.::ColdAmbitionz Mainstore::.

[CA] Summer Leo Bikini AD  fi*Friday

[CA] Summer Leo Noir (Slink High) fi*Friday

-Luckie-Lottie Dottie Gloves [25 colors] Luckie

headband [Gift Magika

[CA] Givenchy Crop Top Lyfe Of Style

martedì 19 agosto 2014

The Candy Shop

                                                                   TheCandy Shop

!(HR 3.0)! Unicorn Romper (Yellow)

"B.I.P" Star Jersey Knit (Yellow)

-La Boutique- TAYSTY Pumps Sugar High Slink Feet

domenica 17 agosto 2014

Salt The Candy Shop Blueberry

.SALT - 3/4 Sleeve Sweater [UNPACK]  Salt


{Scene} Hippie Beads  - Rainbow the Candy Shop

Blueberry Vio - Mesh - Belted Denim Skirts FAT PACK Blueberry


The Candy Shop

                                    The Candy Shop

.:: FRESH ::.. Stick Together Outfit  

.:Buttery Toast:. Monarch - 

L'Armoire ll Pearl Necklace - FATPACK    65L  L'Amoire

{Scene} Hippie Beads 

[^.^Ayashi^.^] Yin hair-Fatpack

BabyDoll. Princess Heels / FATPACK

sabato 16 agosto 2014

venerdì 18 luglio 2014

Manga Fair // BabyDoll //Wasabi

BabyDoll. HairBow / FATPACK Manga Fair 2014

{PopTart} Pritty Lingerie Gacha Samples Manga Fair 2014

{ViSion} -S&F - Manga Top Manga Fair 2014

BabyDoll. Stripper Heels / FATPACK BabyDoll

/Wasabi Pills/ Nana Mesh Hair

Pink Acid Candy Jam Lip Gloss + Loud Mouth Apps FIXED All Manga Fair 2014

Manga Fair

                                            Manga Fair 2014

::LC:: Brief [white]

::LC:: Clear Skater Skirt [Baby Pink] NO ALPHA

::LC:: Cat <3 Socks -textured for slink feet

[CA] Unisex Candy Drippy Neck Bows Noir

[CA] Unisex Angel Wings Phone Candy

[CA] Kokeshi Gladiators Noir (Slink High)

[CA] Kokeshi Doll Tucked Top Noir

[CA] Candy Drippy Head Bows Noir

[^.^Ayashi^.^] Bonya hair-fatpack

:Moon Amore: Kawaiiki Shoes Bloggers pack!


Pink Acid Candy Jam Lip Gloss + Loud Mouth Apps FIXED All <3

sabato 14 giugno 2014

mercoledì 11 giugno 2014

babyDoll /// HR3.0 //Luckie

BabyDoll. Leo Jacket / FATPACK Baby Doll

!(HR 3.0)! Weekend Jeans (HighRize

-Luckie- Shabbie Chic Gloves [20 colors] 

!(HR 3.0)! Lowrider Sneaks  (HighRize

-Luckie- Brattie Gloves [25 colors] Luckie

martedì 10 giugno 2014

KristalStore // DejavuFashion// HR.30 //Luckie //D2K //BabyDoll

*KRISTALSTORE* Bra - Blue KristalStore

Dejavu Fashion Slip Lingerie 3-A Include Applier DejavuFashion

*KRISTALSTORE*  Leggings with heels RedKristalStore

*KRISTALSTORE* Pink Mesh Lara Biker Jacket with Studs KristalStore

*KRISTALSTORE* Dress - Hot Pink KristalStore

!(HR 3.0)! Minion Wedges (Black) !HR 3.0!

D2K - Kallie Cuffs BOX. blk D2K

BabyDoll. Bow Necklace /FATPACK BbayDoll

-Luckie- Brattie Gloves [25 colors] Luckie

Dejavu Fashion // BabyDoll //Luckie //Static //D2K

DejavuFashion Slip Lingerie 3-A Include Applier Dejavu fASHION

-Luckie- Goober Glasses - Blogger Box Luckie [Event - Thrift Shop June 8 - 29, 2014

[-S-] Batty Stockings - FAT PACK Static [Event The Thrift Shop

-Luckie- Brattie Gloves [25 colors]  Luckie [Event - Thrift Shop June 8 - 29, 2014

BabyDoll. Bow Necklace /FATPACK  BabyDoll [Event Thift Shop

D2K - Kallie Cuffs BOX. blk D2K